Easily find the Square Root of a number [HOW-TO]

The Square root is a well-known technique used to solve many different types of mathematical problems.

It usually looks as something like this: √3

For example, the square of a number is the opposite meaning of the root square. So if our square number would be 4, the result would be this number 4 multiplied by 4, which would results in 16.

But if we are looking for the square root, it would be the half in this case, being 2 the result.

A square root is often used in statistics and probability theories, in many different fields from teaching to the military.

The square root as a mathematical operation was known to be seen for the first time in 1800 BC in the Yale Babylonian Collection.

Later on, it was known that egyptians also used a similar method to the square root, which was shown in their Papyrus multiple times through the history.

On 800 AD, a famous on his time indian mathematician Mahavira said that is not possible to create square roots from negative numbers, and therefore there don’t exist.

In 1450 AD a representative square root symbol was created by Regiomonatanus, but it wasn´t until almost one century later, on 1525 AD when the actual square root symbol was shown for the first time in a print by Christoph Rudolff.
But as one wise man said once, no person really invents any mathematical ideas, it´s simply that they haven´t been known yet. Plus some of the previous dates are expected to be true but some of them don´t have the needed evidence to be proved. So the beginnings of the use of the square root is said to be hidden on ancient times.

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