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Facebook is one of the popular social media used around the world. A lot of people use it on daily basis probably it is the site that many people open in the morning to check out what they require.

There is a lot of information that one can find on facebook. No wonder it is such popular.

For a person to Register to Facebook, you need to visit the signup page.

  1. Once you are at the signup page, you are required to choose a name that you use daily. In addition, you need to enter you date of birth. This information can be made private once you are already registered. It is changeable in the settings.
  2. Enter an email or verified phone number
  3. Select your gender
  4. Enter your password. The password should be strong enough not to be easily hacked. You require letters, numbers as well as special characters in order to ensure safety of your account.
  5. Tap signup and remember the verification process as mentioned earlier on.

Here are some of the benefits of using Facebook:

  • Facebook users can post pictures of themselves or with family, friends, workmates, celebrities among others. This is usually because they want to share memorable moments to public or friends.
  • There are various groups on Facebook that one can join. They are informative and inspiring. They range from memes and comic groups, educative groups for students, professional groups for example programming, groups where they share latest and trendy movies among many other groups.
  • One can as well access many videos and download them or watch depending on their preferences.
  • You can read news on Facebook: if you’d like to know what is happening where and when, using Facebook will enable you get information very fast.

As seen, there is a lot to gain when you register to Facebook and using it. Take the first step of browsing through Facebook signup page.

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