Pandora is a popular music streaming service on the US. Apart from music, Pandora allows you to listen to certain podcasts available, along with SiriusXM shows. The platform uses unique technology to track each user’s music consumption and provide them playlists and recommendations of songs, albums and artists that match the genre they listen to […]

Microsoft Privacy Update

His page lists the changes that have taken place that have an impact on the privacy settings of different products. At the top of the page is a large title called “Change history for Microsoft Privacy Statement”. A blue link beneath the heading takes you back to the privacy statement itself. All changes are listed […]

Wikisource Search Tips and Tricks

Wiki source is a large scale online free content library, and as every other library, it can be searched.The search is simple, and it can be done either through an outside search engine, such as google or by using a Special:Search page.Once on the “Special:Search” page, there are a few tips to make search easier, […]


Squarespace is an integrated platform with all the required features to build an online website. It has award-winning templates that are simple, creative, and beautiful to present your ideas to your online users. You can create a professional website, a portfolio or an eCommerce store using Squarespace. It is used and trusted by the best […]


Netflix Company Info

Netflix is a media service provider and a production company in the US and launched on April 14, 1998. It is founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolf and it has it’s headquarters are at Los Gatos, California. The primary business of Netflix is online streaming of films, in-house produced and television programs to its […]

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Control your privacy at Microsoft

Microsoft provides you the information and controls to set you how your private need to or not to be collected and used by Microsoft. Microsoft uses the collected data to improve or upgrade their product and services, make new decisions and also analyze the performance. You can control the type and levels of private data […]