Microsoft Privacy Statement: how does the company treat your data?

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The Microsoft Privacy Statement outlines to customers exactly how and why they collect personal data, what data they collect and how it is stored.

Microsoft collect your personal data both directly and from tracking your use of Microsoft products. The reason they collect this data is in order to generate information that can improve their service and to help them create future products that may be of use.

Data is also used to analyze Microsoft’s performance, meet legal requirements and to contribute to market research when developing new products.

When asked for personal data, customers are given the choice of how much they wish to share and you can decline the request.

In some cases, however, personal data might be required for the service to perform and users who have declined to share may find they are only able to use limited functions of the service. Larger organizations such as schools have a different privacy statement to outline their specific needs.

Data can also be both collected and shared via third-party organizations. This could be to maintain Microsoft’s own legal duties or to protect their property.

In addition, Microsoft might share your information with affiliates or vendors who work with them. At times, Microsoft might need to share your information to complete a transaction you have requested when using certain products.

You can control how Microsoft use and collect your data by clicking the link on their privacy statement to their Microsoft Privacy Dashboard. Here, you will have the option to delete information about yourself that you no longer wish to be held.

There is also a page called “Opt-out” which will allow you to decide whether or not you would like to take part in sharing your data and you can select whether or not you wish to receive messages such as emails directly from Microsoft or their affiliates.

Access it here

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