Microsoft Azure: benefits from Microsoft’s cloud service

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Microsoft launched the Microsoft Azure-platform as Microsoft’s-cloud service that provides improved storage & computing supplies.

Windows-Azure remains perfect to running large data applications, hosting-collaboration methods & also changing applications out-of these over-taxed data-centers.

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Benefits of Microsoft-Azure

  1. Integrates among your existing IT-environmentIn times your cloud-service provider requests you to choose among your cloud & data center, this isn’t a case if you migrate on Azure.Azure-mixes with your existing IT-infrastructure so easily with the help of major systems of secure individual connections, data-residency, encryption features, hybrid storage and database-solution.
  2. No physical-administration
  3. Pay as-you-go-serviceYou can immediately scale-up and down to meet the current needs of your organization. No extra costs!
  4. Get smarter choicesAzure enables you to create smarter choices, discover new-business possibilities of your planned or either unstructured and flowing Internet-of Things-data and improve customer-service among its predictive-analytics services.
  5. Depend on a trusted-cloud helpAzure is created to manage every workload and offers twenty four hours-seven days help, enterprise-grade-SLAs on services and round the clock service health monitoring.
  6. Run yours apps everywhereBeing among the best-cloud services from Microsoft, Azure operates on the worldwide-network of Microsoft managed datacenters across twenty two areas.
  7. Giving support to third party software technologies

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