How to set up Microsoft Account on your devices

It may be necessary to have a Microsoft account if you use its products regularly. This will make you connect with your account on any device or service, which is very useful when you don’t want to waste time configuring any device with a different account. Here you will know how to set up Microsoft account on your devices and start to use them with no problem. It will be a simple guide, therefore can be followed by anyone. Keep reading this article to solve any doubt or problem that you may present setting up this account.

Advantages of using a Microsoft account

There are so many reasons to use a Microsoft Account. This is one of the most useful and efficient accounts of this type, so it will be necessary if you use many Microsoft products. See the reasons to create a Microsoft Account next:
  • A family account: you can use your Microsoft account to stay connect with your family even when you are apart from them. This will be very useful to keep safe your children from any risk or threat.
  • Help: you will have customer support and a complete documentation to solve any doubt or problem that you can present with your Microsoft account.
  • Manage subscriptions: if you have many Microsoft service, then you can manage them with your Microsoft account and you even can renew your subscriptions.
  • Privacy: you can configure your privacy and review any information about it like check history, locations and any personal information.
  • Connect with any device and service with one touch: you just need to log in in any Microsoft service directly on your device to connect with other tools with no login again. This will be very useful if you use different Microsoft services at the same time and you don’t want to login on each of them.

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