Get to know Bing Search Engine and how to use it root 123

Bing is Microsoft’s search-engine. Using it, you can get any sort of data like these search ideas, finance, sports, video and more. Bing remains now the third most used search-engine.

Bing remains being improved by an innovative, modern user-Interface (UI) designed among depth of new-search moments.

Some of its features are:

  • Daily-changing of background-image. This images show beautiful places, but sometimes they also display animals, personalities & sports pictures. Those pictures also include the image’s information.
  • Left-side navigation displays this results pages & prior searches
  • Sub-links on the different search-results.
  • Video-thumbnail previews
  • Search-Suggestion enables Bing to help and assist you in getting exactly what you require.
  • Accelerators enable clients to access Bing-features straight from chosen text on the webpage.

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