Netflix: the most popular streaming service for movies and series

What is Netflix? Netflix provides users with one of the most popular ways to watch TV, movies and on-demand TV shows. The app has a rich selection of the latest series and movies. All of the video content can be streamed on a computer, smart TV, smartphone, Playstation 4 or Xbox. Subscription Fees In order […]

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Microsoft Privacy Statement: how does the company treat your data?

The Microsoft Privacy Statement outlines to customers exactly how and why they collect personal data, what data they collect and how it is stored. Microsoft collect your personal data both directly and from tracking your use of Microsoft products. The reason they collect this data is in order to generate information that can improve their […]

Explore the World using Bing Maps

Originally launched as MSN Virtual Earth on July 24, 2005, renamed to Windows Live Local in December that same year and re branded under its current name on June 3, 2009, Bing Maps is a web mapping service from Microsoft, being a part of its Bing suite of apps. Through Bing Maps, users can browse […]

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Get lots of photos and images searching on Bing [HOW-TO]

Bing Images is one of the most widely used webpages for searching any type of images. It works in a very similar way to Google Images, but often here on Bing Images you will find useful content that you would not find on Google Images. You can quickly find the resolution of one of the […]

Register facebook

Register and sign up on Facebook easily!

Facebook is one of the popular social media used around the world. A lot of people use it on daily basis probably it is the site that many people open in the morning to check out what they require. There is a lot of information that one can find on facebook. No wonder it is […]

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Bing News

Bing News is the news aggregator component of Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine. By default, it displays the latest news and categorizes them into different sections for the user to browse, like most read, breaking news, or category-specific news, from different areas, such as Business, Politics, Entertainment, Sports and Sci/Tech. It does this by aggregating headlines […]