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Get to know Bing Search Engine and how to use it

Bing is Microsoft’s search-engine. Using it, you can get any sort of data like these search ideas, finance, sports, video and more. Bing remains now the third most used search-engine. Bing remains being improved by an innovative, modern user-Interface (UI) designed among depth of new-search moments. Some of its features are: Daily-changing of background-image. This images show beautiful places, but sometimes they also display animals, […]

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Microsoft Surface Series: computers, laptops and tablets

Microsoft Surface are a set of touch screen computers, laptops and tablets using Microsoft Operating System. They new generation of devices to support different types of users and their needs. The surface series comprises a set of six devices including hybrid tablets, detachable notebooks, convertible desktops, interactive whiteboard. All these surface devices are all unique […]

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Microsoft Edge Tips: get to know all its new features

Microsoft Edge is new browser from Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer. It comes with Windows 10 installation with new interface and lot of new features which are innovative and fun. It helps you to increase your productivity in browsing, stay organised and safe. In the sections below, you can find Microsoft Edge tips and their […]

How to use alarms in Windows 10

If you thought the Windows 8 alarm feature was a step up, wait till you try the improved version of the Alarm and Clock app. Here is a look at how to use alarms in Windows 10. Setting the alarm To access the alarm, hit start. Then, you can either type “alarm” in the search […]