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Microsoft Store: Hottest Deals

The Microsoft Store is not only a huge software repository where you can get plenty of programs and video games, but also there is a place on the Microsoft website to get the hottest deals on Microsoft related products. You will find out that some offers have a discount price sign, in which some cases […] // os windows-10

Microsoft Support: get help with Microsoft products

Microsoft is such a huge company today and because of this, they simply don’t have the option of having a live chat support available, but they have created a huge compilation of articles oriented to help you, the user, to find a solution to your problem or simply answers to your questions. Here you can […]

Microsoft Windows 10: Microsoft’s latest Operating System

Windows 10 is currently the latest operating system released by Microsoft, originally released on the July of 2015. The well-known successor of Windows 8.1 is one of the best widely spread operative system at the moment for desktop computers after Windows 7, without considering server computers which are mostly based on some sort of Linux […]

Easily find the Square Root of a number [HOW-TO]

The Square root is a well-known technique used to solve many different types of mathematical problems. It usually looks as something like this: √3 For example, the square of a number is the opposite meaning of the root square. So if our square number would be 4, the result would be this number 4 multiplied […]

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Microsoft Docs – Find the Microsoft documentation you need

Microsoft Docs is the main Microsoft page for technical documentation about different Microsoft related products. Their main purpose of this webpage is to help developers and IT professionals to find the information they need for their tasks and works. We can see here a list with the different products: Windows: Lots of information about the […]

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Microsoft Azure: benefits from Microsoft’s cloud service

Microsoft launched the Microsoft Azure-platform as Microsoft’s-cloud service that provides improved storage & computing supplies. Windows-Azure remains perfect to running large data applications, hosting-collaboration methods & also changing applications out-of these over-taxed data-centers. Benefits of Microsoft-Azure Integrates among your existing IT-environmentIn times your cloud-service provider requests you to choose among your cloud & data center, this […]